Q: Why did I have to enter my e-mail address to upload photos and post comments? Will I start getting spam and junk mail?
MyLI users submit their e-mail addresses and create user names to facilitate the functionality offered on the site. Newsday shall not use any user information for any purpose other than those defined in the terms of use.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
Newsday.com adheres to a privacy policy .

Q: What types of image files can I upload to MyLI?
Easier to say what images you cannot upload to MyLI, actually. MyLI images must be jpg files of photos that you've taken. No uploading other people’s work. No uploading images that are retouched in any way. Do not upload your non-photo artwork, photos that you've found on the web, stock or celebrity photos, stuff generated from anyone else, , screenshots, panoramic or oddly sized photos. No content that's inappropriate for public areas or nudity. Nudity, even tasteful, is probably not going to remain on the site. . Nothing out of focus, underexposed or overexposed, unless it's done artfully.
Please pay attention to composition. Photos should be crisp, not too dark or blown out. We encourage good photography and a good viewing experience for the MyLI community.

Q: What information should I include in my caption?
Your name or user name, when and where the photo was taken and -- if you’re uploading to the celebrity lookalike album--the name of the celebrity. Please do not use the caption field to advertise your website.

Q: What size images may I upload to MyLI?
MyLI only supports jpgs. They can be of any size.

Q: I uploaded a photo to an album. Why isn't it showing up?
All photos go through a review process to ensure they are consistent with the terms of use. If you've uploaded an image that falls into a category we don't accept (as specified above), it won’t be posted. . Otherwise, it will show up.

Q: I commented on a photo. Why isn't it showing up?
It too is subject to the terms of use. l. But if your comment contains profanity or hate, it's not going up.

Q: How do I suggest a new album or category to MyLI?
Send us a suggestion to myli@newsday.com. In the subject line, type "How about a new category?" We'll look it over and if it works for us, we'll create that album on MyLI.

Q: Is registration required on newsday.com for me to comment, upload photos to MyLI or vote a photo as "Best"?
No. But you must enter a user name and email address to comment and to upload photos. User name and password are not required to vote for a photo as "Best."

Q: What does "Best" mean?
You may vote for one photo, per album, per session that you feel is best out of any given album.

Q: One of my photos was stamped as "best" and now it's not. Why?
At any given time, in each album, the photo with the most "best" votes from users will have the "best" stamp. Should more than one ph

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